5 Style Tips for Wide Calves

Growing up, I was super thin with wide calves. Although I feel like my body is a little more balanced now, my wide calves are very much still present. I’m slowly learning how to dress in a way that’s flattering to my wide calves. I’ve learned it’s all about lines and balance. Here are 5 tips to keep in mind if you’re in the same boat as me:

1. Pay attention to the length of your shirts and dresses. You want to make sure that your tops are above your knees or right at the thinner part of your legs (which would be right after your calves). If the length of your shirt stops right after your knees, you’re drawing too much attention to your calves.

2. Try statement pants. This could be palazzo pants, wide-leg pants, or the new statement pants that ruffle around your calves or flare out into a bell shape.

3. Try wearing shoes with some sort of a heel. Doesn’t matter how high or how short, you just want a little boost to elongate your legs.

4. When it comes to boots, we’re in luck. Although it’s hard to find, there are wide-calf boots made just for us! The secret behind it really is the zipper placement.

5. Long skirts and dresses are always there as a backup plan.

I’m not necessarily promoting hiding your wide-calves. I’m all for embracing what God gave you. These tips are simply to help you embrace them by showing you how you can dress that will be flattering to your body. I included a few items below:

Let me know what you think! Do you have any other tips to share? Let me know below.

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