Wedding Guest: Hijab Style

Weddings are always an exciting experience. The decor. The bride. The cake. The food. But what makes it really exciting, especially for women who wear the headscarf, is the chance to take off our hijabs and dress up.

But in order to make our way to the venue, we have to make sure we are still covered. Yes, you can throw a abaya/jilbab over your outfit, but that can be a hassle sometimes especially if your hair is done, and also if you’re trying to take photos with hijab, you won’t get very appealing photos with your abaya/jilbab on – so turn your “cover” into an outfit of its own!

I’m going to start with the don’ts.
Do not wear a long sleeve shirt under your dress, it looks tacky and takes away from the overall look.
Do not wear a hijab that is the same color as your dress – again, it takes away from the overall look (it can look cute if done right, depending on the other colors in the look)

Here’s what I suggest you do, now this is only referring to those of you wearing a long dress. Wear a cardigan or a blazer – treat this as if you are in fact going to a mixed wedding or formal event.

So let’s say you have a gold toned gown (like the one below), pair that with a cream blazer and a hijab, silk tends to look more elegant, but any will work as long as it’s in good condition (remember you’re still going to a wedding).

Wedding look

Now for those of going for a short dress – you don’t have to resort to the abaya/jilbab. Pair it with a high-waist maxi skirt, the top of the dress will act as the shirt and then all you would need is a hijab and the perfect cardigan or blazer.

Some of you will think that this is doing too much, but you’ll want to do this if you’re trying to take nice photos with your hijab on.

Wedding Look 2
For those of you going to a mixed wedding, you could definitely use the above looks.  However, for the second look, you can substitute the short dress for a shirt, would make more sense.  Also, for a mixed wedding you can find a long-sleeve gown! See below for two looks you can wear to a mixed wedding:
Mixed wedding look

There’s nothing wrong with wearing a abaya, there are some beautiful ones out there that will look amazing in photos. These are just some options for those of you who do not want to wear one.  Remember you still want to look elegant because it’s a wedding so be careful not to go too casual with the pairings.

*The examples shown are just for looks, so you can get the idea. These particular items are a little on the expensive side.


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