The Spotlight: Citra Style

What do modesty, modernity, style, and customer service have in common? Citra Style.

It is one thing for a modest fashion company to focus on the clothing, but its another thing to be able to couple that with excellent customer service. A newly launched online shop, Citra Style, hopes to do just that on an international level.

Habibah Chbib, a pediatrician with a great eye for modest fashion and husband Muhammad Chbib, an internationally experienced manager, launched Citra Style in December 2013 to tend to the needs of Muslim women who wish to incorporate fashion within their religious attire.

citra style citra style

“Citra in Arabic stands for protection, cover, shelter and above all modesty; all synonymous to what the brand truly represents, in context to fashion and faith,” Habibah Chbib said. “On the other hand, Style refers to all things fashionable, the trendy side of the brand universe that presents women with en vogue ensembles, of runway-inspired trends.”

The word Citra embodies protection and security which is shown in the production itself, and in the overall customer experience.

Citra Style not only wants to provide its customers with “en vogue ensembles,” but wants to do so within a helpful and secure platform.

This platform is the essence of Citra Style‘s customer service which includes international delivery, free returns and security throughout the shopping experience.

Although service is of the utmost importance to Citra Style, the clothing themselves hold that same level of importance.

“Everything in the e-closet of Citra is made from the finest fabrics, cherry picked and designed in line to modest cuts, suitable for women with a modest taste. Dedicated time, effort and attention-to-little-details go towards the development of every single piece. We have great amounts of love for fabrics, prints, undeniable styles and exceptional service,” Muhammad Chbib said.

Due to the limited amount of modest wear within today’s fashion world, Citra Style hopes to fill the gap with style, elegance and sophistication.

“Appreciating the needs of my Muslim sisters and acknowledging the gap in international marketplace for trendy modest wear, me and my husband founded this label, hoping to provide a fine alternative to the existing modest fashion options,” Habibah Chbib said.

This “fine alternative” known as Citra Style released its first Winter collection of skirts, dresses, blouses, jackets, scarves, among other items.

These modest options also tie in modern styles and a mix of culture and current trends worldwide. This idea of modesty and modernity really comes alive within this collection and also allows for the Muslim woman to put her individual spin on each item.

“[This company was created for] Muslim women worldwide, with a modern sense of fashion, who have a need to merge modest, trendy and faith-sensitive wear in their wardrobe and individual personality,” Habibah Chbib said.

Some of Habibah Chbib’s favorite pieces are the ponchos, the off-white bohemian dress, and the “extensive” collection of scarves (hijabs).

“I would say the ponchos are my absolute favorite,” Habibah Chbib said. “They are really comfortable, chic, and [add] a great texture to the overall look. . .”

As for the collection of hijabs, she shows her individuality through mixing and matching the prints and multiple colors with every item of Citra Style‘s newly launched collection.

Citra Style has a little something for every modest Muslim woman’s individuality. Whether she is feeling like dressing up, dressing down – or simply needs business appropriate attire – she can do so in a modest manner. In order to fill the gap internationally, this variety is key.

“With the second collection (Spring/Summer) already in the works, we continue to build on our mission to become the ultimate online fashion destination for Muslim women, offering the largest variety, the best quality and impeccable service. . .,” Muhammad Chbib said.

As the co-founder of Citra Style, Habibah Chbib understands that there are different viewpoints when it comes to modest wear, but is able to accommodate that particular diversity.

This understanding combined with Muhammad Chbib’s international business experience, they hope to create this modest and modern fashion brand that is centered upon Muslim values with an emphasis on customer service and style.

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