The Eid Look

So for this Eid I couldn’t help but go for my current obsession: Long-sleeve Maxi Dress!  But of course – I wanted to try to stick with the current fashion trend as well: Neons.


I decided to go with this black and white print dress from Arden B.  The thing about this dress is that it was PERFECT except for this lovely detail, the sleeves were open.  This goes back to my previous point regarding how there is always something on the clothing today that makes it difficult for a Hijabi to wear.  But there’s almost always a way to fix it.  So I decided to sew up the sleeves myself – didn’t take long at all! You just have to want to sit for about 30 minutes straight.

So because the dress was black and white – I wanted to brighten it up, what better way than a neon scarf, and in pink.  You can’t beat that.

To stick with the neon theme I went with teal nails.  Doesn’t necessarily match, but neons always seem to compliment each other.

So because I didn’t want it to be too ‘fun’ I thought the black faux leather cross-body bag would give it a dash of elegance.

The shoes are simple black open-toe heeled sandals that I purchased from Marshall’s a while back.
The Details:
Dress: Arden B.
Scarf: Forever 21
Bag: Forever 21
Shoes: Marshall
Gold Rings: H&M


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