Stripes of Summer

Stripes are always a hit or miss, but hey so are overalls. There are some items of clothing that just don’t work out the first time around. You buy it, it takes up space, you get ready to donate or sell it, but you decide to give it one more chance and it works.


That’s what I did with these black overalls. They were actually my sister’s, but she didn’t want them anymore. So I kept them but never wore them because I just didn’t think they fit. I tried it on one last time before throwing them in my donate pile, and I fell in love. They fit perfectly.


I decided to pair them with a long-sleeve black and white striped body suit with this nude vest that I’ve been obsessed with, a neutral headscarf, black sandals, and a black mini backpack.


Here’s your challenge: look in your closet right now and pull out the items you either have never worn or you’ve only worn once and try them on again. Think about it in a new way. Do a search on Pinterest of similar items to see how others wore it. Chances are a super chic outfit was sitting in your closet all along.

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