Style Evolution

We all go through some kind of change on a day to day basis this could be through trying new things, meeting new people, or being inspired by the things you see, hear, touch every day.  Your fashion style does this same thing.

We don’t see it at the time, but what we’re wearing today we will most likely hate 3 years from now.  Why is that? Because we are constantly changing and our style is evolving.

I decided for this post, since Eid Al-Adha is right around the corner, that I would gather photos from past Eid outfits and compile them to see what has changed.

Although at that moment, I loved each of these outfits, looking back there are things I would definitely change. Just like with everything else, you simply see your faults and you better yourself.

After reviewing my looks I have come to the conclusion that I love to take risks, but some of my older looks were beyond risky (aka hideous). Growing up, I always matched my clothes a little too much which would explain that horrible yellow ensemble (too bad I thought it was cute). And then another failure aside from the shirt and shoes would be the red look – that necklace shouldn’t even constitute itself as a necklace, and red zebra print? Really?

I think now I have mastered the art of balance within a look. To match only in a subtle way, but still go for a risk. I also have gotten a lot better with my choice of shoes – comfort is key. Do not ever wear 5-inch heels to walk around in – not smart (unless you’re talented in that department, which I am not).

What I can take from all of this though is to be yourself and forget about what others may think. You are your biggest critic. Just know that you’ll look back at many choices that you make and hate them, but that’s part of the growing and changing process.

Without such horrible choices such as that yellow scarf, I do not think my style would have evolved because I wouldn’t have that example to learn from. The cool thing about style is that we each have our own and not everyone will understand it, but you should always embrace it!

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