The Spotlight: Jannah Gifts

Imagine this. A package at your doorstep.  You tear through the package and a gift wrapped in gold shimmer tissue paper and tied with a black ribbon awaits you.

That’s the experience you’ll get with modest fashion company, Jannah Gifts, every time.

Jannah Gifts was founded in 2007 by Sakeena Abdur-Rashid and later joined by her sister Khadija Abdur-Rashid in 2009.

(Pictured: Sakeena Abdur-Rashid)

The word “jannah” means paradise or heaven in Arabic, this name derived from the sisters’ idea of making the shopping experience at Jannah Gifts a “pleasure instead of a pain.”

Unhappy with the “outdated” modest clothing selections, the two sisters decided to create their own company for the modest woman. They wanted to create not just an online boutique, but an experience.

“We decided to create a place where any woman who values modesty can find clothing and accessories she loves,” said Khadija. “A boutique that also recognizes the beauty in  all women regardless of race or size.”

(Pictured: Khadija Abdur-Rashid)

Khadija, whose go-to look is a maxi-dress and blazer or cardigan, interprets fashion in much the same way.

“[Fashion means] feeling beautiful in clothing without compromising your modesty and values,” Khadija said.

Khadija describes Jannah Gifts‘ ideal customer as a modest woman who is proud to cover and wants high-quality, unique items.

“We know in today’s economy people work hard to earn their money and they want every dollar to go further,” Khadija said. “This is why we create items from the best fabrics and materials to last, so the items are an investment in your wardrobe.”

Although a tough decision, Khadija says her favorite item on Jannah Gifts would be the Farrah Wrap from the Firdous Collection.

Jannah Gift‘s main goal is to provide quality that makes each woman feel beautiful, this includes the way each item is packaged.

“. . . All items are beautifully gift wrapped free of charge so each customer feels she is receiving a gift when she opens her package,” Khadija said.

Not only that, but each customer has the chance to contribute to a charity by shopping ‘The Saddaqah Circle.’

The Saddaqah Circle (or charity circle) is a program created by Jannah Gifts in which all of the proceeds of a chosen Saddaqah scarf are donated to a designated charity.  A new scarf and a new charity are chosen every month.

“Giving back is at the heart of our business which is why we have created the Saddaqah Circle,” Khadija said.  “Our passion is our business, we love what we do everyday and we hope to continue to grow.”

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