The Spotlight: Inter Hijab

Fashion is interpreted differently all around the world; a new fashion company hopes to bridge the gap through the headscarf worn by Muslim women, the hijab. Inter Hijab was launched in April 2014 by Mona Lisa Ayouby and her husband Sofy Basir.

There has been a growing number of hijab fashion companies blossoming, Ayouby hopes her company, Inter Hijab, will help the growth of the Islamic fashion market, globally.

Ayouby describes her own personal style as classic with a funky and trendy edge.

“I absolutely love the funky look,” Ayouby said. “Clothing that just says trendy all over it.”

Ayouby’s particular style developed through her teen years while shopping at stores such as General Pants Co. and urban shops from London to Sydney. Her classic side comes from her mother’s vintage pieces.

“I have a natural inclination to turn to the classics, the timeless pieces that just never die,” Ayouby said. “I got this fashion flair from my mother. I kept and hoarded all her vintage classic pieces from the 70s and 80s.”

Ayouby says a person’s fashion sense is a glimpse into who they really are.

“[A person’s style is] a reflection of who they are, what they believe in, their purpose, their values, loves . . .,” Ayouby said. “If you observe someone’s style deeply, you can [learn] a lot about them.”

Inter Hijab‘s scarves, as described by Ayouby, are beautiful and will liven up any outfit . Ayouby is hopeful these characteristics alone will appeal to Muslim women all over.  Inter Hijab offers 2 collections of scarves: the Luxe Collection and the Cas it! Collection.

“Luxe scarves are all 100% silk; the scarves in the Cas It! [Collection] are all scarves that have a fresh and beautiful look,” Ayouby said.

When asked about her favorite items, Ayouby said her favorite from the Luxe Collection would be the Vintage Black Floral Silk Hijab, and in the Cas It Collection it would be the Multicolor Checked Floral Hijab. Both will appeal to many people internationally.

Mindful of the different fashion trends internationally, Ayouby believes Hijab can bridge the gap and bring Muslim women together.

“[Inter Hijab] is about the hijab on an international level,” Ayouby said. “On a deeper level, to me, it means we are connected by the hijab, no matter where we come from.”

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  1. I have bought about 10 scarves from inter hijab and they are all so gorgeous I have troble picking which one to wear next! It has livened all my outfit! I’m in love

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