Tip Tuesday: Be the Smart Fashionista

We all know what it’s like to find the perfect item of clothing that you have been searching for – forever, but we also know what it’s like to flip the price tag and notice it’s way too expensive.

So take a second and be a smart fashionista.

We sometimes give in because the little voice inside of our heads is screaming 100 different reasons as to why you should purchase it.

But before you pick one of those reasons, check the sale rack.  Because chances are you’ll find more useful and cost-friendly items, and hey you might find something similar to what you’re holding.

If you still don’t find anything to replace your beloved, put it on hold and check another store!

Let’s say you still don’t find anything, you CAN go back and purchase the item OR think about it – check online.  Websites like Polyvore.com and Shopstyle.com can find just about any item of clothing by a simple search of “tribal print scarf.”

You can either wait until you get home or download the app – I believe Polyvore and Shopstyle are available on the Apple Store, but not Google Play. You can check then and there to see if there’s a cost-friendly substitute!

Below I have 2 different tribal print scarves.  The one on the left is from Nordstrom for $19, while the one on the right is from Charlotte Russe for $10. Both tribal print, both similar colors and both are probably located in the same mall!

smart fashionista

So let’s say you went into Nordstrom on the hunt for a tribal print scarf and you lay eyes on this one on the left, and you’re convinced you can’t leave without it.  But with just ONE quick search or quick walk to Charlotte Russe and you find this one on the right for almost $10 less and guess what? It looks way better!

I absolutely can’t say I do this for every single purchase, but if I did I would have a more appealing and cheaper wardrobe!

So don’t just settle for being another fashionista, but be a smart fashionista.

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