Reflecting On 28

Ever since I turned 25, I’ve been dreading my birthday every year. I think it was up until that age where I no longer wanted to grow up. For some reason my 28th birthday has been the weirdest for me to grasp. I’ll be turning 30 soon.

Sometimes I’m left wondering, where did the time go? What am I doing with my life? I thought I had more time to slack off and not worry about the future, but that’s all I can do. So I thought it might be a good idea to actually write up not only my thoughts on turning 28, but just general tips if you’re between the ages 18 to 25.

1. Work out, drink water, and eat healthy. I weighed about 115 until I was 24 years old. I foolishly thought I would stay that weight forever. So I’m telling you what I wish someone had told me. You’re never too skinny or fit to work out and watch what you eat.

2. Never sleep with your makeup on. Something I honestly STILL struggle with. This is super important if you want to maintain healthy, glowing skin.

3. Don’t worry about what people think. I’m now learning how to just be myself, do what I want and pay no mind to negative, judgmental people.

4. Avoid saying “I’ll do it tomorrow.” Do it today! Life is short. Eventually you’ll wake up wishing you started whatever it is years ago. Start using a to do list to stay organized and accomplish your goals.

5. Don’t take anything for granted. When I say don’t take things for granted, what I really mean is don’t take TIME for granted. Sometimes we get caught up with our routine with work and/or school that we forget to take a breath and take time for ourselves and our loved ones.

No, turning 28 isn’t the end of the world. If anything, it has served as a wake up call for me. I’m now super motivated to follow my dreams, so I hope if you take anything from this post it’s that you’ll take care of yourself and follow your dreams too!

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