Introducing Ramadan Ramblings

Introducing Ramadan Ramblings. I decided to do something new this Ramadan to kind of help myself stay on track and maybe offer some sort of entertainment for those long (hot) hours. I’m going to do exactly what the title implies, ramble. Ramble about the new recipes I tried, ramble about the struggle to pray on time, ramble about the importance of reading Qur’an this Ramadan. No, not giving advice, but more of a reminder for myself.

ramadan ramblings

Ramadan is such a perfect time to do some self-reflecting. It brings about a whole new realization of how much we don’t do throughout the year. How many times we’ve used bad language, or maybe wore those skinny jeans that were just a little too tight and thought “it isn’t that bad.” I hope this Ramadan allows me to be stronger, and brings me closer to Allah (swt). There is so much more I need to do.

We get so lost in theĀ little details that don’t even matter. We never stop and look at the bigger picture and really do something to change ourselves. It’s really scary, and I hope we can all wake up soon before it’s too late iA.

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