My Everything (written in 2011)


My Everything They look upon me with confusion and I look upon them with the same. I wear this thing on my head, by choice I chose to cover myself. This scarf doesn’t enslave me, oppress me, or shame me Nor have I lost my identity This is a part […]

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A December to Remember (11/25/2011)


People become who they are from their experiences.  Whether it’s a job, friends, family, or traveling.  Traveling overseas is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the chance to. Whenever someone would ask me if I ever traveled outside of the United States, I would always respond […]

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The Home I’ve Never Known (9/15/2011)


The Home I’ve Never Known Imagine living your life in utter fear.  Imagine not being able to voice your opinion without the punishment of death, or imprisonment.  Imagine living under a dictatorship for your whole life. Many civilians of countries in North Africa and the Middle East have been living […]

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