Summer Hijab Finds

Most women who wear the headscarf have a love-hate relationship with Summer.  This is because – yes, there is no school and yes the weather isn’t so dark and gloomy, but its hot and “hijab tans” are in full swing.   Hopefully this post will help you find appropriate clothing that […]

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Poem for Libya (written in 2011)

Crushed spirits and a silenced era Libya once filled with this lava The volcano has erupted The fear instilled in hearts disrupted Silence has been pushed aside That’s when began the genocide The people have spoken The revolution doors have been opened Streets of Libya filled with strength and pride […]

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My Everything (written in 2011)


My Everything They look upon me with confusion and I look upon them with the same. I wear this thing on my head, by choice I chose to cover myself. This scarf doesn’t enslave me, oppress me, or shame me Nor have I lost my identity This is a part […]

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A December to Remember (11/25/2011)


People become who they are from their experiences.  Whether it’s a job, friends, family, or traveling.  Traveling overseas is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the chance to. Whenever someone would ask me if I ever traveled outside of the United States, I would always respond […]

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