How to Pack for a Weekend Getaway

You may think that packing for a weekend getaway is quite easy, until your suitcase is empty on your bed and you’re just staring blankly at your closet.  We all put the thought in our mind that we really just need 3 outfits, but then you find yourself throwing the what ifs into your bag (turning it into a month-supply of clothing).  Although I struggle with this myself, I decided it may be beneficial (especially for you spring breakers) to come up with a few tips.

1.  Think of the type of activities you will be doing, are you attending an event? party? or are you just shopping and going to the beach? Having an idea or knowing what you’ll be doing will help you out a ton!

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2.  Start pulling the items you wear the most. This will help you maintain that level of comfort.

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3.  Now, put together your outfits! I know what its like to want to bring back up looks but that’ll just take up space, so instead bring an extra item of clothing for each look (remember you really do only need 3 outfits – unless you’re going to an event). Make sure to plan out every look complete with scarf, shoes, accessories, purse.  For the shoes bring 2 pairs maybe one pair of heels and a pair of flats – or sandals and flats, because you may be limited when it comes to space you want to bring shoes that you can re-wear with different outfits.  When it comes to the purse however bring 2 (one with gold accents and one with silver – or one black and one white; depending on what you wear most often).

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4.  Don’t forget your essentials including your make-up bag!

*Hope this helped! Wanted it to be quick and easy, just a few things I’ve picked up on while packing over the years.

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