A Student’s Take On Occupy Wall Street (10/14/2011)

It seems as though the people running corporations and the government for that matter live on their own planet.  They have these hidden agendas and ultimately think they can do whatever they want.

While gathering information for this column, I came across a woman holding a poster that stated, “Occupy Wall Street, not Palestine.”  There’s actually a whole Facebook page.

It shows how connected the Arab Spring and Occupy Wall Street are.  As Wikipedia stated, many have compared these two movements.

The interesting thing about this movement is that it embodies a variety of issues.  According to a piece on Huffington Post – there has been criticism of the Fed, Wall Street (of course), the banks, capitalism and interestingly enough also feminism, veganism, and what I mentioned before, the emancipation of Palestine.

This movement is basically the hard working men and women saying enough with the corruption and failed systems.  And I’m completely for it.

We see corruption unfolding from our court system to our economy.  And why not blame the government? It ultimately falls back on them.

From the Troy Davis trial to the Irvine 11, and now Bank of America plans to charge $5 monthly for the use of debit cards – for non-premium users. Oh yes, just take it out on the people who chose not to go premium. Thanks.

The problems with our system keep arising and our country keeps sweeping them under the rug.  Occupy Wall Street is lifting that rug, rolling it up, and tucking it away.

Perhaps a new name of the movement would be the “American Spring,” protests starting in New York has made its way to California; approximately 70 cities have engaged in protests according to Wikipedia.

I think the country was given hope in 2008 when Barack Obama won the election – “Yes We Can,” the words that encouraged us all.  But change has not occurred, and apparently there is no “we.”

What do I know though? After a few Google searches I have come up with my stance and it is sufficient enough for me.

Occupy Wall Street has given the people a chance to use their freedom of speech and demand change. As a whole, there is no consensus on where everyone wants the change. The people (from what I can tell) just want positive change and they want Obama to bring back the theme of his election and deliver it through his presidency.

We cannot let the corporations become the dictators of America.  We need the government to do its job in serving the citizens, after all this is a democracy.  This is what the countries of the “Arab Spring” want, let’s set a good example.

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