No Stranger

I’m no stranger to bigotry. I’m no stranger to bullies. I’m no stranger to disrespect. I’m no stranger to discrimination.

In fact, I’m quite acquainted with all of the above. As of late, I have been re-introduced to this new wave of hate. However, there is a huge difference this time around: the soon-to-be president of the United States is behind this new wave alongside white supremacy.

Donald Trump has continually spread hate, he has been the fuel to all of the (formerly) closeted bigots out there to unleash all of their hate, and he has struck fear into many homes around the country.

A president should be a role model, someone the rest of the nation looks to in times of tragedy and in times of need. Someone who can respect and abide by the constitution while upholding our values of freedom, equality, and justice. That person is not and should not be Donald Trump.

He may see me as a stranger, but believe it or not, I’m no stranger to the United States and the constitution. That’s more than I can say for him and his clan of supporters. He has allowed his supporters to abuse their freedom of speech in attempt to take away my freedoms.

The only thing I took away from his campaign is hate. He is a stranger to the constitution. The single most important prerequisite to becoming the president of the United States. Donald Trump lacks the charisma, the knowledge and the judgement to lead a country.

If anything, the election of Donald Trump speaks volumes of the state of our country today. Donald Trump led a campaign of racism, xenophobia, sexism, and hate. Yet, he was given the most powerful position in the world.

We need to fight for our constitution. We, as a country, need to come together to fight against those who are trying to take away the freedoms that our constitution has given to each and every one of us.

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