Modest Is “Hottest”

Modest is “hottest.” No, really it is.  Dressing modestly in the Summer is no easy task, but its definitely doable.

Women who wear the Hijab are constantly asked, “Aren’t you hot?” – the million dollar question.  Why yes, of course its hot! So here are some clothing items that will help turn down the heat while still being modest.

Palazzo Pants
1. Palazzo Pants – Great thing about these pants is that they’re loose.  That’s the number one thing you should look for when trying to find Summer-friendly modest clothing.

Harem Pants

2. Harem Pants: These are fashion-forward and most are made with a light material.  Perfect for your modest, stylish and Summer-friendly wardrobe!

Lined Skirts

3. Fully Lined Skirt: These are almost impossible to find in your average Forever 21, but once you find one you’ll know how amazing they are (Check Kabayare Fashion).  You don’t have to worry about any extra layers.

Opaque Tops
4. Opaque Tops: No long sleeve shirts required underneath, you simply pair it with a skirt, jeans, or the above pants and you’re done.

Long-sleeve Dresses
5. Long-Sleeve Dresses: You know I can’t go one post without a shout out to this lovely creation.  The long-sleeve maxi dress is the epitome of modesty.  And for women who wear the hijab, these are like abayas with style.  They’re long and loose which will definitely help you overcome the Summer heat.

*Disclaimer: These suggestions will not reduce the creative questions you receive regarding how hot you are.

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