Little Dose of Winter

I finally understand the true meaning of Winter since I’ve moved to Missouri.  Yes it does get pretty cold in California at times, but not this cold.  One thing though I don’t think I’ve mastered the art of dressing for this type of weather, while looking cute (yes it’s an art).  As you can see I’m wearing a maxi dress and there’s still snow on the ground.  I always thought it would be exciting to actually need winter clothes, but it leaves you pretty limited when you’re trying to look ‘cute.’ But for women who wear the hijab, this is our type of weather. We’re already bundled up.  So enough of my randomness, here’s one of my Winter looks and the details below (I’m sure you’ve seen these items at your Forever 21)


Scarf – Gift | Fur Vest – Forever 21 | Long Sleeve Maxi Dress – Forever 21 | Striped Flats – Forever 21 | Clutch – Reflection | Watch – Anne Klein

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