The Spotlight: La Bella’s Closet

There are many instances in which we inspire one another without even knowing it, Rula Alowaid, founder of La Bella’s Closet can attest to this first hand.

La Bellas Closet

A friend of Alowaid’s had a hard time with wearing hijab until one day, Alowaid attempted a hijab style which inspired her friend to wear the hijab the very next day.

“If you can inspire one person to wear the hijab, why not the whole world,” said Alowaid.

This very instance gave Alowaid that final push to launch her online shop. She began ‘plotting and planning’ by creating different hijab designs from scratch which then branched out to cardigans, pants, skirts, and dresses.

Alowaid believes that the way a person dresses can say a lot about their personality.

“What I love about fashion is that it lets you express yourself freely,” said Alowaid.

Alowaid’s personal fashion style is stylish yet modest, she loves to turn an exposed look into something that is hijab-friendly.

She likes to mix, match and play around with different styles. Her main go-to hijab look would be a basic wrap with a little volume and layers.

The main goal for La Bella’s Closet is to encourage Muslim women to wear hijab and adopt a modest clothing style while still feeling beautiful inside and out.

This idea of beauty is the focal point for La Bella’s Closet, the name ‘bella’ comes from the word ‘belle’ meaning beautiful in French and Italian. Prior to becoming “La Bella’s Closet,” it was going to be called “La Bella’s Modesty.”

Hoping to capture the attention of teens to young adults – La Bella’s Closet is also hoping to come out with business attire for the everyday working woman.

Although the online shop has not officially launched, the products to expect are a variety of dresses, skirts, hijabs (scarves) and accessories.

Many believe that modesty and beauty cannot mix, but the truth is modesty is beautiful.  La Bella’s Closet is able to intertwine beauty and modesty – which has become their aesthetic.  As can be seen in the photo of Rula Alowaid rocking her floral skirt called “Just Blush.”

La Bella’s Closet’s apparel is meant to empower women to want to dress modestly.

“A woman’s body is a gem and gems don’t fall in the hands of many,” said Alowaid. “So keep it modest because nothing is more beautiful than true modesty.”

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