The Headscarf

When Muslim women and the headscarf are discussed in America, the topic will most likely steer to oppression.

What many do not seem to realize is that the Quran tells women to dress modestly for their own personal protection. So they are not harmed, and are respected.

Sometimes people will say “Don’t worry, you’re in America. You don’t have to wear that.” But the thing is, most Muslim women are thankful that they have the freedom to wear it.

Some Muslim women in America have chosen to take a different approach to the headscarf, and that is to incorporate their own sense of style into it.


The headscarf, also known as the Hijab, has become a portal for Muslim women to express themselves.

Hijabs have become another collection in a woman’s closet, alongside their bright red stilettos and multicolored skinny jeans.

Although this may seem like the norm in America – there are many Muslims who believe that Hijab should not be beautified, and yes this is true to a certain extent. But like in every religion, there are different interpretations, and different schools of thought.

The Prophet Muhammad (pbuh) told Muslims to neither be extremists nor nonbelievers, but to be moderate. Incorporating fashion and religion may be considered moderate.

Muslim women are “normal” women – the only thing that is different is the head covering and high awareness of modesty.

When the Quran speaks of modesty it does not only address the way one dresses, but the way one carries themselves. Which applies to both men and women.

Muslim women still have their rights. The Quran mentions the words “men” and “women” an equal number of times.

The way Muslim women see it is that Islam has created a way of life that will put the utmost respect towards them as well as protection.

The wearing of a headscarf and long sleeves does not diminish any of their rights, but heightens their rights significantly.

And one of those rights being: rocking that cheetah print Hijab with that Louis in hand!

*I know I have a few non-Muslim followers so I thought it was about time I try to explain what the Hijab is and its purpose.  Please note that I’m NOT a scholar in any way.  This is my own personal take and opinion on the topic.  If you have any questions regarding Hijab or Islam in general e-mail me at and I can direct you to someone who has a lot more knowledge than I do.  Thank you!

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