Florals On My Dress

I honestly thought I got rid of all the florals in my wardrobe. I just got so tired of them, but for this day, I was in the mood to throw on a long sleeve maxi dress. I usually keep all of my dresses in the back of my closet, so as soon as I looked through them I knew I wanted to throw this one on.

I purchased this dress at Forever 21 and you’ve probably seen this dress on everyone. Every time Forever 21 or H&M come out with a long sleeve maxi dress I always feel the need to purchase it because just a couple of years ago I remember complaining that they never carry anything remotely modest. Now here we are, we can seriously find any modest clothing item all over the internet.


I thought pairing the dress with this light lavender scarf would be overkill, but I think it complemented the dress and really made for an ultra-girly look. I feel like we live in a time of minimalism in terms of fashion. We’re all into the neutrals and solids and avoid as many patterns and colors as possible. I’m guilty of this, but honestly I miss the colors, and I miss the chance to experiment and be creative. I feel like sometimes we leave our true style behind to keep up with the trends, but we need to remember we can take a trend and put our own creative spin on it.


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