As Americans, we know that equality is the focal point of our society.  But in the last decade or so, Muslims are slowly being stripped of their rights.  Muslims are no longer seen as Americans too, they are seen as a group of people who are trying to force their religion, or as some would say “hidden agenda,” on people.


As cliche as this topic maybe to you, this post was brought up by viewing a recent Google search that directed a viewer to my blog which read, “Can I wear hijab while working at Nordstrom?”  The fact that this question was even on the woman’s mind speaks a lot about our current state.  Muslims are unsure of their rights.

A country known for its freedom – specifically freedom of religion – and yet we don’t feel as free as we should.  I just thought it was extremely sad to see that, and the more its addressed the more it might possibly decline.

Hijab is just another garment but with a beautiful meaning behind it.  I don’t think I’ll ever understand why we’re seen as dangerous and forceful individuals.  It’s a lack of understanding in our society.  You would think with the internet and all of the resources readily available to people, we would have moved on from this.



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