Confidence is Key

Gelotophobia, the fear of being laughed at, my inspiration for today’s blog post. As a blogger, it’s quite awkward taking pictures in front of the general public, who are all thinking “what is she doing?” You’ll get the stares, smiles, and occasional laughs. I do have to say, I am used to the stares and laughs, as a Muslim woman you get a little bit of both. However, its a little difficult to not let it get to you.  I’m still learning that confidence is key, and that I need to forget about what someone might be thinking.


So ladies, you want to wear heels and a bright color? Uh, go for it, and you know what else? Snap as many photos as you want. You know I won’t judge!


Aside from that, “all black everything” is such a classy look.  You really can’t go wrong, its slimming and can be paired with just about anything.


Scarf: Inter Hijab | Blazer: H&M | Fringe Shirt: Forever 21 | Long Layered Shirt: Marshalls | Pants: Target | Sandals: Marshalls | Bracelet/Ring Chain: Forever 21

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