A December to Remember (11/25/2011)


People become who they are from their experiences.  Whether it’s a job, friends, family, or traveling.  Traveling overseas is something I have always wanted to do, but never had the chance to. Whenever someone would ask me if I ever traveled outside of the United States, I would always respond […]

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The Home I’ve Never Known (9/15/2011)


The Home I’ve Never Known Imagine living your life in utter fear.  Imagine not being able to voice your opinion without the punishment of death, or imprisonment.  Imagine living under a dictatorship for your whole life. Many civilians of countries in North Africa and the Middle East have been living […]

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Rekindling by Writing


Rekindling by Writing Have been out of the writing scene for a while, not sure where I want my career to go. The purpose of this blog is to work on my skills and to share my pieces with whoever cares to read.   My posts will range from fashion, politics, […]

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