Brunching On a Sunday

About two months ago I was invited via e-mail to Sacred, The Brunch. I bought a ticket instantly thinking “okay, here’s my chance to step out of my comfort zone.” When I woke up this morning, a big part of me thought about not going. I was really tempted to stay in my PJ’s and enjoy a lazy comfortable Sunday on the couch. However, an even bigger part of me wanted to honor the promise I made myself. I told myself I would get out of my comfort zone.

Growing up I was always known as the shy and quiet one. However, in actuality, I was only like that around new people. Now that I’m older, I truly believe that that’s completely normal. I was always made to think it wasn’t okay to be the quiet introverted type. I felt like I had to be a social butterfly. I’m here to tell you: No, you don’t have to.

I over think and stress before social events probably more than I should, but there’s nothing wrong with that. I pushed myself to go to that brunch today and even though there were a few hurdles to get overcome (I tried to find parking for a good 30 minutes and I had to parallel park all on my own) I kept reminding myself of that promise. Although I didn’t stay very long – I took one step in the right direction and it felt great.

The brunch had a color scheme everyone had to dress within. So here’s the look I came up with:









  1. I absolutely love your outfit! Your blog posts are always so well written and I loved reading about your brunch. I have been following your instagram and would love if you’d follow me too, as I love connecting with fellow Muslim/modest bloggers 🙂

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