I decided to start blogging back in 2013 with my first blog called “Hijab Therapy.” My primary focus at that time was hijab fashion. As time went on I realized I wanted to cater to all women who choose to dress modestly, regardless of their religion. I also wanted to touch on a variety of topics rather than just fashion. I’ve always loved writing, and when I was younger I saw myself as being a writer some day, but I also love fashion so this made perfect sense to me. I switched the name to “Wrapped & Written” in 2014 because I wanted to be more inclusive. I stuck with it for about a year until I switched it again this time to Live. Write. Style. in hopes of being that much more inclusive. I finally decided to stick with Wrapped & Written because I felt like it was the embodiment of me and felt that Live. Write. Style. was a bit too generic. Since 2013, blogging has been a bit off and on for me. It’s something I enjoy doing, but never got into the right rhythm between work, not having a camera, and not having someone available to take photos for me. I finally got a camera about 2 years ago and now that my husband and I have a set schedule with our jobs he’s been able to take my photos! So now that I finally got a rhythm down, I’m excited to keep it going.


I’ve always wanted to write, more specifically about my experiences as a hijab-wearing Muslim girl. After being bullied in school, writing was my way out. I always wanted to make a difference with my writing. I wanted to make people understand what my religion truly is about and what wearing the hijab means to me. I wanted young girls who are struggling the way I did to know that it does get better. I want to teach young girls to embrace who they are and love everything about themselves. I especially want young Muslim girls to be confident in their hijab.


I got my BA in Journalism in 2012 in hopes of pursuing a career in writing. That same year I got married to the love of my life, Ahmed, and I moved to Columbia, Missouri. We stayed there for about 2 years and moved back to California. I work full-time and I’m also the Assistant Editor at Perfect Muslim Wedding. My typical outfit would be super minimalistic with a little pop of…something. I try to post easy, everyday modest looks that you can create in your own wardrobe. Any other questions, comments or suggestions, e-mail me hello@wrappedandwritten.com.