Wrapped & Written will focus on modest fashion, runway trends transformed everyday wear, seasonal trends, shopping, sales, wardrobe and more. Although the primary focus is fashion, W&W will also touch on a variety of writing topics, poetry, food, and overall lifestyle.


Ever since I can remember, I loved to write. It started with poetry, short stories, then articles, columns and then blogs. While being bullied in middle school and high school, writing became my way out. I wanted to educate people about the true meaning of Islam and the hijab. In high school, fashion became my means of fitting in. In turn, it actually strengthened my bond with hijab and helped me embrace modest fashion. I ended high school with my senior project “Passion for Fashion” in which I designed and made hijabs.

I decided to start blogging back in 2013 with my first blog called “Hijab Therapy.” My primary focus at that time was hijab fashion, columns and poetry. As time went on I realized I wanted to focus on modest fashion in general rather than just hijab. I also wanted to touch on a variety of topics.

I switched the name to “Wrapped & Written” in 2014 because I wanted to be more inclusive. I stuck with it for about a year until I switched it again this time to Live. Write. Style. in hopes of being that much more inclusive. I finally decided to stick with Wrapped & Written because I felt like it was the embodiment of me and felt that Live. Write. Style. was a bit too generic. Since 2013, blogging has been a bit off and on for me. It’s something I enjoy doing, but never got into the right rhythm between work, not having a camera, and not having someone available to take photos for me. I’m finally getting some sort of a rhythm down, and I’m excited to keep it going.


I got my BA in Journalism in 2012 in hopes of pursuing a career in writing. That same year I got married to the love of my life, Ahmed, and I moved to Columbia, Missouri. We stayed there for about 2 years and moved back to California. I work full-time and I’m also the Assistant Editor at Perfect Muslim Wedding. Any other questions, comments or suggestions, feel free to e-mail me hello@wrappedandwritten.com!

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